2022 Social Media Marketing Trends Survey Key Findings

ND 360 Technology - Social Media Trends 2022
  1. Facebook is the most used social media platform and has the highest ROI, engagement, and highest quality leads.

  2. Funny, interactive, and relatable content, as well as content that reflects a brand’s values, performs best on social media and will see increased investment from marketers in 2022.

  3. Short-form video is the most popular and effective social media format and will see significant growth in 2022.

  4. When it comes to partnering with influencers, followers aren’t everything. Marketers are placing an emphasis on quality of content, engagement rates, and alignment with values before considering follower count.

  5. Overall, social media marketers located in EST say the best time to post is 6-9PM, while marketers in PST consider the 3-6PM window to be best.

  6. The most popular demographics social media marketers target are Millennials (25-40), followed by Gen X (41-56), Gen Z (6-24), and lastly, Baby Boomers (57-75).

  7. Younger audiences prefer shorter video content that is funny, trendy, and reflects a brand’s values, while baby boomers prefer interactive/educational content, such as interviews, podcasts, expert discussions and/or live videos.

  8. Nearly two-thirds of marketers are building social media communities, and this number will grow in 2022.

  9. Social media marketers search for new or emerging platforms/features to leverage often, and the top features they invested in this year are Twitter Spaces, YouTube Shorts, and Instagram Shops.

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