Election Campaigns

ND360Pro is an experience solution provider for elections who handles the election campaign of candidates. Your work, thoughts, feelings, vision work to reach the maximum number of voters

What are election campaigns?

ND 360 Technology - Election Campaign

While Traditional approach of reaching Audience has become obsolete, Social Media has become integral part of any campaign especially given the pandemic. Election campaigns have been transformed too to Digital Only camapigns, Here Social Theory comes into the play. We have expertise in running successful camapigns in past for some of the most renouned Leaders. We help you reach and connect to the voter while you focus on other aspect of Elections.

Social Media in Politics

ND 360 Technology

We provide campaign materials so that if a candidate wants to reach out to people with his in-house team, he can reach out. For that, we make them a complete setup

Mobile Survey Data, Voter Search Software, Bulk SMS, Bulk Voice Call, Bulk WhatsApp, Bulk Email, Facebook Promotion, Instagram Promotion, YouTube Promotion, Audio Promotion, Video Promotion, Miss Call Alert, IVR, Mobile Promotion, Website, Mobile Applications, voter slips, voter lists, leaflet design, banners, hoardings, manifestos for maximum publicity.

Our Campaign Material

ND 360 Technology - Ad Campaign

Online political e-campaign is a very delicate process which involves regular analysis & instant implementation time is very important in political campaign, because the right message at right time should reach people so that it may help in increasing the followers & reaches targeted audience in limited time. Developing the positive image and make sure it reaches to each and every person in the constituency.

Election Campaign Services

Social Media
  • Facebook Promotion
  • Twitter Handling
  • Whatsup Marketing
  • Youtube Advertizing
Bulk Text
  • Promotion SMS
  • Transtional SMS
  • Election SMS Campaigning
  • OTP Services
Bulk Voice Call Campaign
  • Voice Broadcast (OBD)
  • Voice With DTMF
  • Text To Voice
Digital/Content/Video Services
  • Poster Design & Graphic Work
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Tracking of On-going Paid Campaigns